The horrific tragedy today

… is hard to endure. Parents face the night without their children. The holidays nearing, one already begun, there is the hard regret of seeing them go with a new meaning. It’s impossible for anyone but those parents to say how easily sleep can come. The common wisdom most probably says not easily at all. Can any parent escape the endless spiral of “what could I have done”? Protection is the first duty, the watchword of all mothers and fathers. How do you sleep and dream of a child you will never see again? Let this be the last of such crimes.


It’s 12-12-12 today

I know, can you believe it’s here already? Just yesterday it wasn’t and now it’s hardly begun. Whoever you are, wherever you are, enjoy writing the day before the month or the month before the day or the year in the middle! Who will be the wiser? Happy pan-calendar day, everyone! Happy calendrical convergence, Emporium! Happy 12-12-12 you old building-and-loan! Zuzu’s petals! Yay!