Five Romans in exile

New article is up at Mental Floss. Imagine getting kicked out of your favourite place. Now imagine that place ruled most of the world which, I guess, is kind of like being sat in the corner at school. If at school you could murder your rivals and eventual connive your way to being principal.

Kicked to the curb: 5 Romans in Exile


Moe Green et al

It’s taken a surprising amount of time for me to remember watching Harold Ramis on SCTV. He was on it in the first three years, much earlier than Toronto’s CityTV or the CBC cared to rerun for me after school. But I saw some, mostly featuring the final days of my favourite, SCTV’s smarmy fink station manager Moe Green. Ramis took the name from Alex Rocco’s character in the Godfather. Here’s Rocco’s:

And here’s Ramis!

Much funnier.

The episode I loved the most – and what I’d forgotten until after a little digging – was the Kidnapping of Moe Green. In 1979, Ramis was set to break into movies. So Moe was kidnapped by paramilitary guerillas Leutonian Liberation Front and wasn’t worth the ransom. Try as I might I couldn’t find a clip. There is a hole in the internet. It’s ragnarok.

But I did find this:

And this, Officer Friendly:

And Curtis Edgit, Plainclothes Mountie:

And Mort Finkel, Do-it-yourself Dentistry:

That look he gives after the second shot of rum!

Along with the Kidnapping of Moe Green, this last clip is another favourite: Winning Chess with Boris Morris. Watch out for those pointy-headed guys.

Thank you, Harold Ramis.