And we were worried about termites…

The Giant African Land Snail is invading South Florida. They are voracious eaters of 500 plant species but, as they need can grow as large as a rat, need a healthy supply of calcium for their shells. Where do they find this balanced diet? Stucco.

They last invaded in 1966 from Hawaii. A boy returning to Florida after a family vacation brought several of these snails with him and the snails took over. It took ten years to fully eradicate the population of 17000, an extremely big family on a very long vacation.

In 2010, snails of this species were discovered in the possession of the Santeria religious community of Miami. Santeria may use them in religious ceremonies and speculation points to that as the source of the new infestation. A parasitic lungworm carried by the worms can infect humans though no cases have yet to be reported.

That’s a bit more serious than I thought this would get. I started posting because in this video it looks like they’re here for our credit cards and quarters.