Run for Boston

Several Canadians were among the thousands affected by the events in Boston. Some from Calgary are beginning to return home where Trevor Hofbauer, a long-distance runner not in attendance at Boston, is organizing a run of support for the killed and injured. Taking place Saturday April 20 at 11 am through Edworthy Park, it may do little more than spread good will and restore the faith and resolve of runners shaken by the attack.

My sister-in-law’s a runner. She’s run the Philadelphia Marathon several years now. Her resilience and determination is no different than any other marathoner, a resilience to be relied upon now more than ever. The original Marathon was a call to arms. Hofbauer’s initiative, however small, shows marathons have since become a call of community. Here’s the story from CTV News. Hopefully it will do some good and be a model across both Canada and the US.


Dog Saves Girl

Now that’s news! I like this story out of Poland because:

1. The lost girl was 3.

2. The dog is a stray.

3. She fed it bread and it kept her warm.

A little girl wandered into the forest near her home and became lost in the marshes. The stray dog she played with most days followed her and stayed by her throughout the night. In the morning, rescuers found her after following the dog’s barking. She doesn’t own this dog but it feels tied to her, kindness repaid. And to think in most folklore a black dog following you is an omen of death. A simple story as sublime as any fairytale.

It’s 12-12-12 today

I know, can you believe it’s here already? Just yesterday it wasn’t and now it’s hardly begun. Whoever you are, wherever you are, enjoy writing the day before the month or the month before the day or the year in the middle! Who will be the wiser? Happy pan-calendar day, everyone! Happy calendrical convergence, Emporium! Happy 12-12-12 you old building-and-loan! Zuzu’s petals! Yay!